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About MoreSocket

Moresocket is a subsidiary of Anssin Electric, focus on provide desktop socket OEM and ODM solution. Now Moresocket has cover 5 series socket categories and 7 international Standard products.


Kitchen Socket

Where is the kitchen socket generally better?

Ordinary wall socket, The power strip, or Pop-up or pull-out socket

Types of sockets

Maybe you want to know the socket types in the United States, France, Germany, Britain and other countries

Guide to going abroad

Do you understand the knowledge of socket use that you need to pay attention to when you go abroad?


Motorised pop up socket

Great automatic retractable desktop design, it is easy to use ,Just simple push, power outlet will automatic raise up. When you done with electronics, it can be fully retract inside, only remain an elegant surface.

Pop Up Socket

You don’t have to worry about the clutter that power cords bring in your kitchen, office, or any living space, as long as you have the Pop Up Power Outlets.

Table Clip Socket

It’s a great solution for you to use your electronics on tabletop, and also want to keep it clean and efficient.

Flip Up Socket

This is a high-end table socket ,for office and conference use.

Regularly with  cable, can use directly after intalled .

Corner Socket

Desktop concealed socket series provides users with a stylish, beautiful desktop signal connectivity solutions; it offers simple and easy access, when we connect the video, audio, computer video, network, telephone, power and other interfaces.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

To find the best place to put the PopSockets Grip, I held my phone like I normally would and stuck it between my ring and middle fingers. There’s no right or wrong place to put it, and you can take it off and adjust its positioning later.

Having a PopSocket on your phone gives you a much better grip so holding your phone is much easier and it makes taking selfies effortless without worry about dropping the device. And PopSockets can work as a kickstand for your smartphone so it can stand upright.

Yes, it is safe to throw away your PopSocket. … Yes, you can reuse a PopSocket; the manufacturer claims it can be reused up to 100 times. After removing the PopSocket, take care to reattach it within 15 minutes; oherwise, leaving it exposed to air can dry out the gel.

About how long does the pop socket last for? Hey there, the better you treat your PopSocket the longer it will last. Avoid removing your PopSocket a ton of times as it looses a little stick each time it is moved. It can be Popped about 12,000 times.

PopSockets adhere to most phones, tablets, and cases. They sometimes have trouble sticking to silicone, leather, and waterproof cases, as well as some highly textured cases.


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